MJ Financial Services

About Us

About Us

MJ Financial Service is established by dedicated Accounting Professionals with extensive experience in the field of Accounting & Bookkeeping.

We are partnered with accounting firms within and outside the United States. Our members and partners have experience in the field of accounting & bookkeeping with multiple industries within the United States. With maintaining professional independence and integrity, we believe that an interactive environment would help us to develop and promote confidence between our clients and our organization. This is the reason that we hold discussion sessions and panels with our clients along with our team members to provide continuing feedback on updates and developments.

Quality Control

We maintain the highest standards of the accounting profession to ensure the confidence of our clients to get the best output through our work in Accounting & Bookkeeping. Each of our project team members is committed to providing quality standards that involve well-organized planning, communication, budgeting, evaluation, and delegation.

 The end product of this quality assurance that we provide under MJ Financials is a work product that meets or exceeds the client’s expectations.

Our internal quality controls include the following components: