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Accounting Services

MJ Financial Service. is a boutique-style firm with capabilities to competently handle the wide ranging accounting needs of our clients. We have provided exceptional service to businesses, medical practices, and individuals all over the United States. Our professional accounting services are highly regarded in the local community as well, making MJ Financial Service. one of the top accounting firms in the region. We understand that when clients select MJ Financial Service, they’ve placed their trust in our expertise and commitment to providing the best possible accounting services.

Accounting Services for Businesses

For your business to operate at its highest level of efficiency, a solid and reliable accounting firm is a critical part of the team. At MJ Financial Services, we take this role very seriously. With countless collective years of experience and a diverse variety of business backgrounds, our accounting staff brings a unique blend of experience to the intricacies of accounting and bookkeeping. This acute understanding allows our staff to provide first-class professional accounting services for Irvine and Orange County businesses, regardless of their size.

Business Accounting Services Offered at MJ Financial Service:

Accounting Services for Individuals

At MJ Financial Service, we work hard to take the stress out of personal accounting and, particularly during tax season. We strive to create a stress-free process for individuals filing in Irvine and throughout the Orange County area. Our professional accountants are well trained in assessing and handling accounting services on a personal/individual level. MJ Financial Service’ consistent, proactive approach has helped keep our clients’ financial lives simple and healthy, year after year.

Personal Accounting Services Offered at MJ Financial Service:

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I hire a professional accountant?
For businesses, hiring a professional accountant can be an essential. Not only is it difficult and overwhelming to handle all of your own accounting, but it can also be cost-prohibitive, especially if you’re spending a lot of time on it or potentially making errors. Accountants can improve your standard processes such as collecting, analyzing and filing financial information, while also giving you a nuanced understanding of your business’s financial data. This can come in handy during tax season or any time you need extra insight in order to make a business decision. For personal finances, hiring an accountant isn’t always necessary but can be immensely beneficial for doing your taxes, planning for the future, or simply making better financial decisions.
What’s the difference between a CPA and an accountant?
An accountant is a person who records financial data on behalf of a company and helps handle a variety of financial matters. Although not required, most accountants have a bachelor’s degree, usually in accounting or a related field of study. A CPA, which stands for Certified Public Accountant, is an accountant who, in addition to earning a bachelor’s degree in accounting, has also gone through rigorous training in order to pass the CPA exam. CPAs are also required to complete a certain amount of continuing professional education every year. A CPA license also indicates an extensive knowledge of tax codes and ethics. Another key difference between CPAs and non-certified accountants is that CPAs are required for certain tasks, such as representing a client before the IRS.
What is the benefit of hiring an accountant?
Hiring a local accountant is useful in terms of navigating any state or local regulations that may impact your business’s finances. Local firms can also provide better overall service than a “big-box” accounting firm. Smaller firms typically devote more time to their clients, offering a level of personalized attention that larger corporate firms simply cannot provide. Local accountants also generally have a better understanding of the particular issues that are impacting your business.